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Supernatural Swan Song | Sherlock The Reichenbach Fall

cmjnwd asked:
So my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a look at the superwholock tag. Wow... Just wow

It’s best to not look through tags right now. Some of those posts are really disturbing.

Hi guys! So I track the superwholock and other related tags to find posts to reblog here and I checked it just a few minutes ago and saw some gory photos that apparently 4chan users are posting. I saw some posts warning about them spamming tags like feminism but it seems they’re spamming a lot of fandom tags now.There’s a lot of you who follow me so I thought I’d try to spread the word and please be careful if you’re going to check your tracked tags because there is a chance that you will see some very disturbing photos.

John, something’s wrong with Sherlock.


Wholock - Only Sherlock Holmes would help to stop an alien invasion while wearing a sheet.



When Sebastian Moran is arrested and locked away, there is only one way for Jim to get his tiger back. He turns to the King of Hell and promises his soul in return for his tiger, and Crowley is all too eager to take up the offer.